Exhibit your images during eyephoneography #1 next Friday via our Photo-Jockeying activity

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As already announced in the photo-event agenda, the images of the four international photographers featured in eyephoneography #1 will be “escorted” by those sent by the mobile photography community during the opening event.

Even if you are not able to participate in the launching at the HUB Madrid next Friday, you will be able to contribute your images from anywhere in the world in real time. And if you are present at the opening, you’ll be able to send them as well, of course!

You’re probably wondering, “how will it work?” Well, we prefer our Photo-Jockey for the night, Brad Ireland, to explain the ins-and-outs himself. We have, of course, also asked him to share some info about himself as well as some insight about the mobile photography.

If after reading what follows you have any questions, feel free to ask us directly by writing at info@eyephoneography.com or, even better, post your question on the eyephoneography Facebook page so others interested will receive the clarification as well!

Who are you?
Brad Ireland, a graphic designer living in Washington, DC. I’ve been a designer for ten years specializing in print design. The last few years I have been designing exhibition catalogues for the National Gallery of Art, including “The Darker Side of Light: Arts of Privacy, 1850-1900” and “From Impressionism to Modernism: The Chester Dale Collection”.

How will the PJ activity at eyephoneography #1 work?
During the opening of the exhibition, we are asking people anywhere to post photographs to the eyephoneography Facebook page, giving the worldwide mobile photography community the chance to participate. Image posts from fans of the page will be welcomed starting two hours before the opening (17:30 GMT+1) until half an hour before the end of the event (22:00 GMT+1). I will make selections from the images that are posted and create slideshows to share with people at the event. It’s a real-time example of the collective mobile photography process to be presented live at the launch of eyephoneography #1 event.

What will be your criteria for selecting photos to be displayed during the opening?
Selections will be made based on popularity (“likes”) and feedback/responses that are posted to the Facebook page, and of course I might have to include some of my favorites.

Where do you think mobile photography is going?
I think the future of mobile photography lies in growth, with an even greater number of images being shared as the use of mobile phones becomes more and more common. We will have visual documentation of everything! Major events will be preserved from so many different perspectives. I also think that there will be improvements in the way we organize and categorize this tremendous amount of imagery through technologies like face recognition or geo-tagging.

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