How eyephoneography selects its images and how we work

Prompted by this discussion on the “mobile photography revolution” advertised by EYE’EM, we thought we could contribute to the discussion by sharing the image selection process and some aspects of eyephoneography.

(1) Although the first two shows will be by invitation only, an open submission process will be implemented. Mobile photographers will be able to send a maximum of 20 photos to a commonly used photography sharing platform (e.g., Flickr) so as to simplify the submission and evaluation process.

(2) A jury composed of creative professionals and previously exhibited photographers will select 4-6 photographers. They will evaluate the body of works presented in his entirety. This is important if we want to support mobile photography as an art form. The body of work submitted should illustrate the artist’s vision and commitment to mobile photography.

(3) Considering our aim of involving the community as an essential element of mobile photography as a medium, once 4-6 photographers have been selected community members will be able to vote and rank the 20 images of the chosen photographers . Only the highest ranked 10-15 photos will be exhibited, depending on exhibit space restrictions (we are thinking of 60 images 40×30 cm).

For the first exhibition in September the process was similar with the following differences:

– I (Rocío Nogales, main creator and organizer) have personally pre-selected those that I think are some of the most representative mobile photographers and invited them to send me 20 of their images.

– The 5 members of the jury (you will read about them in coming posts) independently ranked the 20 images. Their rankings will be combined in an overall final ranking resulting in 12 images per artist to be exhibited.

Moreover, since the scope of eyephoneography is precisely to support mobile photography as an art form, we have planned other activities:

  • Talks and presentations during the openings.
  • Complementary off-line initiatives involving off-line community members (not only virtual community members). For eyephoneography #1 we are planning a thematic mobile photo-walk led by one of the exhibited photographers.
  • Opportunities for real-time participation of the virtual community during the first shows…

Hoping this was helpful, thanks for being there!

Make sure that you follow us here or our Facebook page ( and Twitter @eyephoneography to be informed when the open submission process begins as well as interesting participation opportunities already during the first show!

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