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  1. Amy Leibrand via Facebook 05.24.11 / 3pm

    this is fantastic!!!!!

  2. Marco La Civita via Facebook 09.13.11 / 5pm

    Greg, they have chosen your picture ;). MissPixels, you too are mentioned here.

  3. Greg Schmigel via Facebook 09.13.11 / 6pm

    Wow! Thanks, Marco. I’m honored that they used my picture! Although a listing in Playboy would have been nice, too! :) Congrats to Jordi V Pou, Isabelle MissPixels Gagné, Carlein van der Beek, Giogli Stefano and Matt Burrows!

  4. Marco La Civita via Facebook 09.13.11 / 7pm

    Facebook decided that the cover of the Playboy number where Jordi and Carlein were featured is the thumbnail for the eyephoneography “Press” page. Not a bad choice after all ;).

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