eyephoneography #3 featuring Divine, Mallégol, Ru, and Weekes

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Opening agenda (20 April 2012)

Mobile photography has followed a development trajectory that has confirmed it as a form of contemporary creation with a lot of potential.

Since its inception in early 2010, the aim of eyephoneography has been precisely to illustrate and contribute to this potential, doing so through exhibitions and a wide array of initiatives. In this context, eyephoneography #1 was launched as a proof of concept that counted with the invaluable support of some of the pioneers of this kind of photography, while eyephoneography #2 showcased some of the most interesting proposals being articulated with smartphones today.

Today, eyephoneography and FNAC Spain jointly present eyephoneography #3 the third edition of this unique project. The work of the four selected photographers reflects a solid vision; a curatorial committee composed of top-notch representatives of the contemporary art, photography, and creative worlds, selected them in a first stage among the 378 proposals received for the open call, and in a second stage among the outstanding 14 nominees.

Karen Divine, Annie Mallégol, Masha Ru, and Dave Weekes have not only succeeded at articulating compelling stories but they tell them in an original, daring, and innovative way.

The series of “Nudes” created by Karen Divine (USA) began with the question “Do woman shoot the nude with a different vein of intention than the male?” Being the genesis of the greatest art, she wonders if the viewer of the image perceives the nude differently, depending on the gender of its maker… Drawing-looking nudes, painting-looking photography result in a variety of layers of light that speak of a very intimate poetic where women, both confident and doubtful, fill the visual space with their own halo of light.

Karen Divine, "Nude 34"

A professional documentalist, Annie Mallégol (France) captures the rhythm of the “City of Light” by appropriating the techniques of street photography, a genre that has produced some of its most notable exponents in the U.S. With Mallégol, architecture, light, and the Parisian sensitivity are the filters for this style of photography in the Old Continent. The definite protagonist of Mallégol’s images is the city of Paris, inhabited by dwellers whose faces and intentions we can only imagine, if anything. The dramatic contrasts of shadows and surfaces, the diagonals, and the framing join forces to take us back once again to that city, so often imagined and remembered.

Annie Mallegol, "The Wait"

Masha Ru left her native USSR and headed to The Netherlands, a country where she believed social liberties could be respected. In Amsterdam, where she lives, she completed a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (her dissertation deals with photos of nano-particles) while doing photography studies at the Foto Academie. Her professional photography work combines fashion, technology, personal stories and reportage on what Ru from calls “parallel realities”. She often works in a duo with her partner, Olga Ganzha. The project included in eyephoneography #3, “2-years contract” reflects Ru’s interest in the personal diary genre, which results in an everyday mobile photography diary. The name of the project was inspired by the signing a two-year contract with a telephone-provider company. She was not thinking about publication when taking the pictures, so she finds it interesting to observe what operates in her when turning intimate into public.

Masha Ru, "2-Years Contract #11"

Dave Weekes (United Kingdom) brings us closer to the country where he has lived for over a decade, Japan. The red geometric elements (usually circles or lines) accentuate the dramatic tone of black and white while they confuse the viewer insofar as they are not the central attention point of the images such as we are used to think from a visual standpoint. On the contrary, the location of these red dots and lines are the result of an aesthetic decision. In Weekes’ own words “there is no meaning in my work, there is no right or wrong way to view my images”.

Dave Weekes, "Red Spot #4"

eyephoneography #3 will open the 20th of April 2012 in the gallery of the FNAC Castellana flagship store in Madrid with a total of 40 images that will be for sale in limited editions signed by the authors at 150 euros. A selection from this exhibit will be included in the traveling show Mobile eyephoneography, which is visiting the FNAC galleries of 11 Spanish cities until September 2013.

Opening agenda (Friday, 20 April 2012)

Fnac Castellana (Paseo de la Castellana, 79 – 28046 Madrid)

18:30 - Round table with Karen Divine, Annie Mallégol, Masha Ru, Nadine Benichou, and Rocío Nogales.
19:30 - Concert by the band Izal.
18:00-21:00 – Projection of the images by the other 10 nominated photographers of the selection of the eyephoneography #3 open call.

Brabante, the first top of the range Spanish Premium beer, will support the opening of the third edition of eyephoneography with complimentary bottles of its beer.

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