The eyephoneography #3 nominations

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It’s riveting to see the reaction that people from all walks of life and from different corners in the world have had to the eyephoneography #3 open call.

The selection committee has had some difficult task in order to nominate their favorite photographers. They have done a superb job in a timely manner and their opinion has unanimously been one of agreement with regard to interestingness and potential of the work presented. A great thank you goes to all of them for their true interest in eyephoneography; we are already looking forward to seeing their final choices for the list of the four mobile photographers that will be exhibited in eyephoneography #3.

We would also like to thank all of you who sent your submissions and shared your vision with us. The breadth of the proposals speaks of mobile photography as an expanding and conducive medium for contemporary creation.

In the words of Natasha Egan, “the potential of mobile photography as a vehicle for contemporary artistic photography is huge; an artist just has to find a unique voice and a conceptual angle.”

According to Terry Smith “the entries were very good, offering a broad range of subject matter, quite inventive use of formal styles, and often very clever in their use of iPhone camera functions, including a number of apps. There is a tendency to apply just one app to a straightforward photograph, or mix two together in a readily identifiable way. This is to be expected in the early days of a technology. It is difficult as yet to pinpoint approaches that are unique to the iPhone, although some entries seem to have elements of such an emergent aesthetic.”

Attilio Lauria continues to consider smartphones as “prosthesis insofar as they tend to work as notebooks to record street impressions”. However, in his view, “various attempts to push the aesthetic and linguistic barriers of mobile photography have existed since the beginning and they have increasingly become more elaborate and mature as the eyephoneography #3 open call shows.”

The fourteen nominated authors for eyephoneography #3 are (in alphabetical order):

100 Million

Alessandro Pisu

Annie Mallegol

Brian Schatko

Catan Ngan

Dave Weekes

Edgar Cuevas

Felicia Baños

Karen Divine

Koci Hernandez

Masha Ru

Nadine Benichou

Niusia Winczewski

Stefano Pesarelli

Congratulations and good luck for the final round!

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