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You can now purchase on-line the eyephoneography #2 catalog and the limited edition prints included in eyephoneography #1 and #2.


Catalogs are now available for sale at 35 euros including shipping.

For more info, please email us at

This first catalog includes not only the photographs showcased in eyephoneography #2 but also four essays devoted to the emergence, history and future of mobile photography as well as the authors’ bios and statements. A unique piece that we hope will contribute to enrich the debate around mobile photography and photography in general. You can browse through the catalog before purchasing it.

Size: 21 x 21 cm (8.27 x 8.27 inches)

Pages: 94

Languages: Spanish and English (bilingual)

ISBN: 978-84-614-9696-9

Paper grammage: cover 350 grs./m2; inside pages 170 grs./m2


If you don’t see the catalog above this line (i.e., you don’t have a Flash Player) you can have a look here.



The following galleries include some of the eyephoneography #1, #2 and #3 limited edition series prints available for sale.

Paper: Every photo is printed on Fujifilm’s Crystal Archival paper by a professional lab that meets our high quality standard. Only 10 copies in total for each image are available; the number of prints left for each photograph is indicated in the caption info in the galleries.

Identification: The prints are sold with a label with the title of the piece, the name of the author, his/her original signature, the number of the print within the series, and the eyephoneography edition number and date. The label is univoquely tied to the corresponding print by the word eyephoneography hand written across the label and the back of the print by the organizer of eyephoneography.

Size: The precise size of the prints (image size) is noted in the caption info in the galleries but they are typically 38 x 29 cm (15 x 11.4 inches) if rectangular and 33 x 33 cm (13 x 13 inches) if square.

The prints are priced 150 euros for the first 5 of the series, 175 euros for the following 4, and 200 euros for the last one. Shipment is in a hard tube.

For more info please write to

eyephoneography #3 (Karen Divine, Annie Mallégol, Masha Ru, and Dave Weekes)


eyephoneography #2 (Carlein van der Beek, Matt Burrows, and Stefano Giogli)


eyephoneography #1 (Greg Schmigel, Marco La Civita, and MissPixels)

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  1. Rocio Nogales via Facebook 05.06.11 / 8pm

    This is the best and easiest way for you to support this effort and be a part of it. The prints and catalog are amazing pieces of work and they make unique presents! Thanks in advance for sharing with your contacts and supporting us!

  2. Greg Schmigel via Facebook 05.19.11 / 6pm

    Thanks for making this available, Rocio! And thank you for all your work in making Eyephoneography a success! – G

  3. rosa burguete 12.22.13 / 10pm

    Hey it,s great this creative iniciative, i.ll like to buy one at least of this prints, is it posible?
    thank you

  4. Marco La Civita 12.24.13 / 12pm

    Hello Rosa. Yes it is possible to buy any of the prints. You can use the form available just before the images. Cheers!

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