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The following list of names (and respective links) belongs to the people and entities that have decided to support us by donating to the eyephoneography project from the beginning of 2012. The font size is proportional to the contribution amount. The order is chronological (newer contributors first). The numbers in the list represent the amount of the donations from supporters that wanted to stay anonymous.

As long as eyephoneography continues, this list will be showcased here with a link from our homepage. We will never erase a name unless the contributor asks us to do so.

eyephoneography is a not-for-profit initiative with no external funding. If you like what we are doing to advance the art of mobile photography and would like to be acknowledged as a supporter on this page, please support us by making even a small contribution (starting at as little as 1 Euro).

To donate you can either freely enter your amount here starting at 1 Euro or you can click on a “Your Name” example below after the supporters list that will bring you to a PayPal page with the pre-filled amount corresponding to the font size you have clicked on.

On the PayPal page, you can also donate with your credit card without having to register or having a PayPal account.
If you prefer to make your donation by other means, please email us and let us know.

Thank you!

Supporters List

| Cindy Patrick |
| Diana H. Cabezas  15  Jennifer Ford  5  C'mon, pony-up! These guys work hard |
| 10  5  10  2  Gerry Coe  fausto luna  Andrew Lucchesi  5  4  fernandoprats  5  6 |
| 2  momo chen  5  Amo Passicos  10  Omitsu Issey  2  5  20  Carlos Aguirre  Africa Wild Truck |
| 5  20  10  Anita Cruz-Eberhard  28  Claire  50  Nico Brons  SLC  1  Richard Gray |
| Ariadna Font Llitjós  Maquinaria Creativos  Jennifer Bracewell  Vero Baez  Daniele Pezzoli  La Luna Fotografía |

The numbers in the list above represent the amount of the donations from supporters that wanted to stay anonymous.
Hover on the text size you’d like to have to see the donation amount and click on it to donate!

Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name
Your Name

If you’re a new visitor, you might want to know how to become an eyephoneography supporter and/or subscribe to the RSS feed or by Email, join our Facebook page or follow us in Twitter to stay updated.

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