Moving on to eyephoneography #2

After a long silence, we’re back. It’s been a very challenging month after what happened but the success of eyephoneography #1 is even clearer from the distance provided by time.

Figures usually speak for themselves; so let me offer you a few:
• Over 300 people participated in the physical opening on 17/9.
• Roughly 290 photos in 5 hours submitted for the photo-jockeying activity.
• 24 photographs were sold so far to private collectors.
• Substantial coverage by major Spanish and Italian newspapers,
specialized magazines, blogs, portals, and the radio (check out the
list on the right colum of this page).

Rafael Ricoy, 2010

In addition, the photo-walk led by MissPixels was an incredibly interesting experience. We started out with Isabel Muñoz’s Infancia show (photo above shot by Rafael Ricoy); then we moved on to the outdoor sculptures around El Prado museum; and we ended at the rooftop of the Reina Sofía museum and checking out the Mixed use, Manhattan exhibit.

We produced lots of materials and my idea is to make them all available in one place to facilitate enjoying it! For the time being here are:

• Some pictures of the photo-walk introduction by Michel and of the walk
in a set by Rafael and a set by Dorothy (thanks!).
• A time-lapse video of the “making of” (thanks Nicolás, Nicolas and Marco!).

Two videos, one from the opening of eyephoneography #1 and one about the making-of, are coming out soon but there was so much fun raw material and so little free time … stay tuned!

We have been following what is going on within the community have contacted with many of you out there doing amazing things. I am truly convinced that the best is still to come, both for this project and for mobile photography in general. We’ve started working towards eyephoneography #2 and it is already looking pretty promising: possible venues, the members of the scientific committee, the complementary activities… We’ll of course announce every detail here as soon as they become available.

Thanks to YOU for caring, checking back and coming back!

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