Video from the opening + THANK YOUs

This long overdue post is dedicated to all of you who made eyephoneography #1 possible. Our tribute to all of you is this short video of the opening.

Here’s a quick review of THANK YOUs:

· To Marco La Civita, MissPixels, Sion Fullana and Greg Schmigel, whose high-quality work and vision were the basis for any action; a extra thank you to Marco La Civita y MissPixels that donated to the eyephoneography project the revenue from the sale of their images.

· To Darren Milligan, Michel Bricteux, Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo and Sally Gutiérrez Dewar for setting the standard so high for future selection committees;

· To Brad Ireland for such a great job as the first photo-jockey of eyephoneography;

· To Belén Viloria and Juan Erquicia from Open Circle, for being there when needed doing anything that needed to be done: your vision for infusing some cultural and creative engineering in Spain is inspiring!

· To Nicolás Peña and Nicolas de Poulpiquet, for the incredible work capturing what was happening in video and for your help with the installation;

· To Soledad Santos and Fernando de Miguel, for their availability “any time, anywhere” and for their amazing contribution to the opening;

· To Verónica Báez for her support and for sweetening the evening with her wonderful creations;

· To Katia Rocha and Ascolor, for their great work with the printing of the wonderful images;

· To Rafael, Dorothy, Rocío, Mikael, Michel and Yannick, for their enthusiasm and MissPixels for her disinterested leading of the first complementary activity of eyephoneography, the Human Art photo-walk;

· To Oscar, Nono, Fede and Marta, the “facultad crew”, for making the trip just to be at the opening and were crucial to tidy up after the event;

· To the buyers of the 24 pictures sold, for trusting in us and for believing in the vision of eyephoneography;

· To Ana Carrillo, for being always present even in the form of flowers when she cannot be there physically;

· To Mariana and Mark from wegreen for presenting their delicious drinks during the opening;

· To the hundreds of messages of encouragement and support we have received;

· Always, to my people from Seville, Madrid, Liege, Italy and Pittsburgh who supported the project and continue to do so across time and distance.

THANK YOU and I count on your support for future activities!

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