TALKING CAMERAS: Collective reflection around mobile photography.

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As already announced, eyephoneography #2 will be launched in Madrid next April 15th at the leading EFTI photography school. In addition to the work of Carlein van der Beek, Matt Burrows, Stefano Giogli and Jordi V. Pou we will be creating TALKING CAMERAS, a collaborative exercise addressing mobile photography, contemporary creation, emerging communication models and social transformation.

This program will be structured around a series of discussions in two parts, the first one on-line (from which we will produce a collective short documentary film) and the second one off-line immediately before the exhibition opening.


To begin, eyephoneography will publish questions and observations in the form of video, quotes or short texts on this blog as discussion-starters.

Members of the mobile photography community and beyond are invited to respond with video statements. The ultimate goal will be to produce a short documentary about mobile photography based on a selection of the videos received.

This short documentary will be shown during the off-line discussion to be held at EFTI on April 15th as well as on a monitor located in the EFTI gallery during the month and a half of the exhibit. Before the short documentary is completed, we hope to share some of these videos in this blog.


Throughout a two-hour program, mobile and traditional photographers, artists, communication experts, cultural administrators, photography amateurs, art historians, curators and social activists will share more in-depth reflections on topics directly related to mobile photography in its widest sense. Short talks will be given on these topics:

  • Photography on the move: producing and sharing mobile photography, focusing on the point of view of creators and the community.
  • Success and boom of the movement: what next? The institutionalization of mobile photography, focusing on its future as an artistic practice and its possible contribution to the photographic language.
  • Is it our business anyway? Mobile photography and its social compromise: possible contributions and actions, focusing on its potential to contribute to processes of social transformation and social cohesion.

A closing round table will be organized open to all the speakers and the audience.
We will announce on the blog the speakers, what they do, and the specific themes they will be discussing from their own experience.
This common reflection will be analyzed with an eye to producing relevant ideas and proposals for the community.

When and where would this part take place?

The off-line part will be held immediately before the opening of eyephoneography #2, on April 15th at the EFTI auditorium.

Is there any fee to participate?
No. Participation in both parts of “Talking cameras” is free and open to anybody interested in contributing to this exercise.
Registration is mandatory for attending part 2 (off-line discussion at EFTI) due to limited space. If you wish to participate, please email us including the subject “Registration for off-line discussions” before Thursday, April 14th.

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